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Meet Duane

Duane North is a Florida native, a former US Army Infantryman and Instructor, as well as a 20 year veteran of law enforcement here in Florida. His passion for working with and training dogs started at an early age and has ultimately led him to his current position as a state law enforcement K9 Handler. A position which he has held for the past nine years.

Duane is currently working with his second K9 since becoming a handler. He conducts several hours of maintenance training weekly with his K9 to maintain their national certifications and has attended numerous training seminars and workshops during his career to hone his skills.

Duane’s dog training interests are not limited to law enforcement. He has a great desire to improve the lives of all dogs and their owners with solid obedience training and behavior modification.

Meet David

David’s journey started on a Pennsylvania farm, fostering his early connection with nature and animals. His lifelong affinity for dogs began with his first loyal companion, Spooky, at age 4. This led him on a path to becoming a professional dog trainer, driven by a deep desire to improve dogs’ lives. David’s dedication was exemplified when he transformed a troubled, aggressive dog into a thriving, social being. His mission is to bridge the gap between humans and dogs, fostering harmonious relationships. David now trains at Ridgeside K9 Knoxville and MLK9, inviting all to discover the transformative power of dog training and the profound impact of dogs on our lives.

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